The Odyssey is an ancient greek oral poem composed by Homer. It is composed of 24 books.


The Odyssey tells the story of Odysseus, a hero of the Trojan War and his quest to return home. He upsets the greek god of the sea Poseidon which takes his voyage much longer than it should. He wishes to return home to Ithica so he can be reunited with his wife Penelope and son Telemachus.

The BooksEdit

  • Book 1: Athena Inspires the Prince
  • Book 2: Telemachus Sets Sail
  • Book 3: King Nestor Remembers
  • Book 4: The King and Queen of Sparta
  • Book 5: OdysseusNymph and Shipwreck
  • Book 6: The Princess and the Stranger
  • Book 7: Phaeacia’s Halls and Gardens
  • Book 8: A Day for Songs and Contests
  • Book 9: In the One-Eyed Giant’s Cave
  • Book 10: The Bewitching Queen of Aeaea
  • Book 11: The Visit to the Dead
  • Book 12: The Cattle of the Sun
  • Book 13: Ithaca at Last
  • Book 14: The Loyal Swineherd
  • Book 15: The Prince Sets Sail for Home
  • Book 16: Father and Son
  • Book 17: Stranger at the Gate
  • Book 18: The Beggar-King at Ithaca
  • Book 19: Penelope and Her Guest
  • Book 20: Portents Gather
  • Book 21: Odysseus Strings His Bow
  • Book 22: Slaughter in the Hall
  • Book 23: The Great Rooted Bed
  • Book 24: Peace


A nostos, or return song has several traditional stages.

  • Absense
  • Devestation of his homeland/family by suitors and on his own journey
  • Return (in disguise)
  • Vengence
  • (Re-)Wedding

Test of the wifeEdit

Each return story (nostos) hinges on the final actions of the wife of the hero. In the case of the Odyssey, Penelope's decision to remain faithful to Odysseus. Each direction of the wife's decision happens 50% each way in nostos.

     Test of the wife
           /  \
          /    \
   Faithful     Unfaithful
(Penelope)     (Clytemnestra)
 Odysseus --|-- Penelope              Agamemnon --|-- Clytemnestra
            |            \                        |               \
            Telemachus    \                       Orestes          \
                          Suitors                                Aegisthos 

  The Odyssey by Homer edit

Ithaca Residents: Odysseus - Telemachus - Penelope - Eumaeus - Eurycleia - Melanthius - Melantho - Laertes
Gods and Goddesses: Athena - Poseidon - Zeus - Hermes
Suitors: Antinous - Eurymachus - Amphinomus
Voyage Acquaintances: Calypso - Polyphemus - Circe - Tiresias - Nestor - Menelaus - Helen - Agamemnon
Phaeacians: Nausicaa - Alcinous - Arete

Italacized members are Odysseus's enemies - Strike-through members are deceased by the end of The Odyssey

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