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A Coyote Reader
Coyote Reader
Edited by   -   William Bright
Published by   -   University of California Press
Published on   -   March 10, 1993
ISBN:   -   0-520-08062-9
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Bright, William. A Coyote Reader. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1993.

Eternal LinksEdit

  • - William Bright's webpage
  • -- Bill Bright speaking the Karuk language

  Twbtg2's Project on Native American Trickster Stories edit

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Elements: Trickster story type - Coyote - List and maps of Native American tribes
Stories: The Coyote & The Prairie Dog - Coyote and Junco - Coyote and Turtle Story - Coyote Races Buffalo - Coyote Steals a Drink - Don't Be Too Curious - Rabbit's Short Tail
Approaches: Ethnopoetics - Performance Theory - Immanent Art - All
Sources: American Indian Trickster Tales - Calvin Grinnell Interview - A Coyote Reader - Coyote Stories - Finding the Center - How to Read an Oral Poem - Inconstant Companions - Tales of the North American Indians - The Telling of the World - All

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